AuDHD Coach Jes

Hi, I’m Jes! (she/they)

As an auDHD coach, I empower fellow autistic ADHDers to understand the unique interplay of the auDHD “combo meal” within their minds, and to let go of perfectionism, people pleasing, and unrealistic neurotypical expectations.

By embracing radical self-love in place of shame, I guide individuals on their journey to confidently navigate the chaotic intricacies of auDHD life and become the audaciously authentic auDHDers they were meant to be.

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Through Patreon, you’ll get access to The AuDHD Space, a Discord server where you can connect with me and other auDHDers for peer support, meme-sharing, win-celebrating, and commiserating when needed.

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My Declutter Your Brain Workbook outlines a 6-step process for reorganizing your life. Use it to help make sense of the jumble of thoughts bouncing around your brain and find a clear path forward. Get it for just $29!

My free Green Flag Bingo Card will help you assess your relationships for healthy signs. Check for green flags with friends, partners, and even family members.

Combo Platter Community

If you’re looking for ongoing support, my Combo Platter Community may be for you! 

This monthly membership program was made for auDHDers, by an auDHDer, because I’ve found that those of us with the combo meal always learn best when we’re learning from eachother.

This program includes bi-weekly group coaching calls, a Discord community for coaching and connection between calls, and exclusive events and workshops.

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Free Samples

I also provide as much free education as I can for the auDHD community through the content I create on social media, as well as the emails I send out on a consistently inconsistent basis.


On TikTok, I create short videos and bite-sized content about auDHD life, trauma, and relationships.


I take those concepts a step further on my Instagram, where I post more short form blogs and infographics.


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I have some big plans, and I’m just getting started 😉

About Me

I am like a therapist, the mom friend, and the fun uncle all stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. I have always been able to listen to other’s struggles with empathy and compassion, and have a natural ability to simplify and reframe problems into manageable issues. I can switch gears in a second if someone I care about is in need, and will do everything I can to support them. Despite this, I am very much still a child at heart, which means that those I support get the added benefit of my fun-loving and quirky nature to boot.

As an autistic, ADHD, bisexual, nonbinary person with hEDS and cPTSD, I know what it’s like to feel stuck in the margins of society. I haven’t just studied neurodivergence, I’ve lived it. I also don’t claim to be an expert in anything, nor do I adhere to one cookie-cutter program that is guaranteed to “work for everyone.” I meet my clients and students where they are, and work with them to collaboratively come up with personalized solutions and action plans that are, quite literally, built for them.

A person with short brown hair, wearing a red and white striped shirt and denim overalls, jumping on a trampoline and smiling

I am authentic by nature, so every single thing I do and say comes straight from me. I am here to make change, not to make money, and I want to provide independence to my clients. I believe that with the right support, everyone is capable of living a life that honors who they are at their core. For my whole life, I have had all kinds of people, friends and strangers alike, come to me with their problems and tell me that I made them feel both heard and seen.

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Statement of Scope and Competency


I strive to hold space and offer solutions that are human-centered, trauma-informed, and inclusive of each individual’s lived experience and social identities. I have completed a trauma-informed space holding curriculum, am actively engaged in anti-racism study and work, and in deconstructing capitalistic standards and values. 

I want to make it clear that I cannot guarantee a safe space for you. I recognize that you are the judge of what feels safe and expansive for you. My intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best as you can in our current social climate through ample consent, choice, and clarity in our time together.

My offers and services are not meant to be a replacement for therapy. I will remain within my scope of practice when engaging with you and my work, and will refer out to qualified individuals for more aligned support when necessary. 

I acknowledge the privileges I hold as a working class white American citizen with settler ancestry and post-secondary education who can pass as neurotypical, straight, and able-bodied. While my position as a queer, disabled, neurodivergent person with mostly-stable mental health has allowed me to generate more insights and compassion into these lived experiences, I am committed to listening, learning, decolonizing, and growing in regards to other areas.

With gratitude and respect, I acknowledge that the land on which I live and work is the stolen ancestral territory of the Haudenosaunee and Onondaga peoples. I aim to live in a way that centers reconciliation and meaningful relationship building between the people of this land and how we care for it. I invite you to reflect on your role in reconciliation and the Land Back movement at