The Combo Platter

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The Combo Platter is a coaching membership program made for adult autistic ADHDers, by an auDHDer.

In this program, you will:

  • Connect with other auDHDers who understand what it’s like as someone with the ADHD/autistic combo meal
  • Feel seen and heard as your true self without having to hide or mask
  • Learn tips and strategies for accommodating yourself and building a more auDHD-friendly life
  • Stop people pleasing and gain the confidence to say no and ask for what you need
  • Overcome shame and self-doubt by deprogramming from internalized neuroconforming norms
  • Step into the new, unapologetic, audaciously auDHD version of yourself you know is in there somewhere
Ready to join?
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In recent years, an enormous amount of people (myself included) have learned that we spent decades of our lives as undiagnosed or under-supported autistic ADHDers.

Some call this recent influx of auDHDers a “trend,” but I see it as an inevitable result of the late-stage capitalism that burned us all out plus a global pandemic that slowed us down for just long enough to finally be able to tell our stories and connect in ways that we couldn’t do under hustle culture.

In my two years of knowing I’m an auDHDer, I have seen a gross lack of resources and community for those of us with the ADHD/autistic combo meal, and I’ve made it my personal mission to change that.

Why I Created The Combo Platter:


Being an auDHDer is one of the most unique and contradictory neurotypes out there.

The ADHD half of us craves novelty and chaos, while the autistic half wants structure and predictability.

ADHD is really social and wants do to all the things, but autism needs 4-5 business weeks to recover afterwards.

Autism wants to create carefully curated and fool-proof systems and routines, but ADHD either gets bored and wants to change it or else forgets a crucial step every time.

Have you ever dysregulated yourself due to your own impulsivity? Yeah, me too.

It’s like being Goldilocks on steroids.

So what do we do about it? Enter: The Combo Platter

The Combo Platter is a community designed specifically for auDHDers, by an auDHDer.

During my time as an auDHD coach helping clients understand and navigate their combo meals, two things stood out to me:

  1. Every single autistic ADHDer has a totally unique set of strengths, needs, desires, values, experiences, and perspectives that is unlike any other human I’ve ever encountered


  1. We’ve all experienced nearly identical themes, patterns, cycles, and traumas throughout our lives that only another auDHDer can truly understand

I set out to create a program that would honor our unique experiences and individual needs while also providing a sense of community, visibility, and belonging that so many of us have lacked throughout our lives, and the Combo Platter does exactly that.

Who It’s For

This program is for adult (21+) auDHDers who:

  • Have been on a trauma healing journey for a while and still feel like they’re “stuck” and can’t seem to move forward
  • Are looking for ways to meet themselves where they’re at and accommodate their newly discovered auDHD brains
  • Are sick of trying to live up to neurotypical, capitalistic, white supremacist standards and want to start living for themselves instead of following the status quo
  • See the value in sharing our lived experiences with one another and learning in a supportive community
  • Want to learn what it means to have some damn fun while healing from trauma
  • Are ready to embrace their imperfections and lean into discomfort as a necessary part of growth and healing
  • Want to put themselves back in the proverbial driver’s seat of their lives and regain the sense of control they feel like they lost a long time ago

The Combo Platter Community is for the auDHDer who writes music and wants to share it with the world but constantly gets stopped in his tracks by shame and fear of rejection.

It’s for the mom who didn’t know she was neurodivergent until her kids got their diagnosis and wants to learn how to be more comfortable in herself so she can give them what they need.

It’s for the working professional who wants to connect with others and grow in their field but never takes advantage of networking opportunities because “who would want to talk to me, anyway?”

It’s for the artist with an itch in her hands to create, but who always hesitates before making her art because the voice in her head tells her it’s a waste of time.

It’s for the millenial who wants to be in a committed relationship but cringes at the idea of having to meet new people and actually go on dates with them.

    Sound like you?

    What You’ll Get

    Here are some of the results you can expect as a community member:

    • Feeling seen and heard as you actually are without having to mask or pretend
    • Confidence to advocate for yourself and ask for the support you need, whether it’s a helping hand or a promotion at work
    • Knowing when to remove toxic or otherwise harmful people from your life so you can save your energy for those who see, respect, and love you for who you are
    • Cultivating more meaningful friendships and relationships, and deepening the connections in your current ones
    • Reassuring that your career goals fulfill your passions and align with your values
    • Making mistakes without beating yourself up and instead enjoying life as the big long learning process it actually is
    • Finding a balance between your chaotic, multi-passionate, rambunctious ADHD side and your logical, analytical, structure-oriented autistic side

    Program Features

    Here’s everything you’ll get when you become a member:

    1. Live Coaching Calls

    Members of the Combo Platter will get access to bi-weekly group coaching calls.

    During our calls, you will have the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences, gain new perspectives you may not have thought about, and uplift and empower each other while getting needed support from the community in turn.

    These calls will be recorded and posted in the Mighty Networks platform, which members will have lifetime access to. This way, even if you can’t make it to every call (and let’s face it, knowing us, that would be pretty impressive!) you’ll be able to catch up when you have time.

    2. Supportive Community

    Connect with other members in between calls in our Mighty Networks community! Use the space to check in with each other, celebrate your wins, share infodumps, air your grievances, and build the supportive community that so many of us lack.

    Here, we practice taking up space by being imperfectly brave. We trust that others have good intention always, and name impact when necessary to keep one another accountable.

    3. Free Access To Workshops

    All current members of the Combo Platter will be invited to workshops from me at no extra cost!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the schedule for the group coaching calls?

    Calls will be held on Zoom every other Thursday at 1pm ET.  All calls are recorded for members who can’t make it, or want to rewatch it. You will also be able to ask questions in the community, or send them to me to be answered during the call if you know you’re going to miss it that week.

     How long will the program last?

    This program will continue for at least a year, hopefully longer! If I do decide to create a new version/iteration of the program in the future, members will be invited to come along. You will also have access to the coaching calls, materials, and other resources and recordings for life.

    How do the monthly payments work?

    Once you sign up, you will be auto-billed monthly on the same day of the month as your first purchase. For example, if you signed up on July 28, your next billing date would be August 28, and so on.

    Do I need an official diagnosis in order to join?
    Hell to the no! Self diagnosis is valid as far as I’m concerned (and, frankly, as far as most of the auDHD community is concerned). While I do have an “official” diagnosis of ADHD, I am self-diagnosed autistic. I trust you to know yourself better than any doctor would.


     The Combo Platter offers tiered, class-equitable, pay-what-supports-you pricing for monthly membership.

    I believe that pricing doesn’t have to be a weapon of classism; it can be a joyously interdependent exchange of resources that help create stronger communities. This model is inspired by the Green Bottle Model from Worts + Cunning.

    Please read the following criteria and determine which price is appropriate for you. When you click the button, you will be directed to create an account on Mighty Networks. After you’re signed in, you’ll be able to join the Combo Platter Community at your chosen rate.



    • You have access to financial security, have personal savings, or own property/rent a high-end property
    • You are are able to pay for “wants” easily and rarely worry about paying for basic necessities
    • You have what most would consider economic privilege and power

    By choosing this price, you are helping contribute to a more equitable community by supporting access for those with less.



    • You may be paying off debt or working to build savings, but have access to steady income
    • You don’t spend most of your time thinking of meeting basic needs such as food, rent, medical care, bills, child care, etc.
    • You’re able to buy new things and take vacations annually or every few years without much financial strain

    By choosing this price, you are paying for your access to this program and leaving the lowest tier options for those who need it most.



    • You’re able to access basic needs such as food, housing, and child care, although sometimes it may feel difficult
    • You have access to stable income but the middle price would be enough to cause financial strain


    By choosing this price, you are letting your community support you and investing in yourself without sacrificing your needs.

    Equity Pricing: For those for whom the lowest amount is truly still prohibitive, there is now an option to choose your own price (starting at $5/month) at this link. Those who hold multiple marginalized identities (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color, LGBTQIA+, physically disabled) are especially encouraged to use this option.

    This is my way of creating a community that is truly accessible to as many auDHDers as possible, regardless of financial, race-based, or class-based privilege.

    Equity pricing is now full until we get more members on the community support tier. Thanks so much for your understanding!

    Statement of Scope and Competency


    I strive to hold space and offer solutions that are human-centered, trauma-informed, and inclusive of each individual’s lived experience and social identities. I have completed a trauma-informed space holding curriculum, am actively engaged in anti-racism study and work, and in deconstructing capitalistic standards and values. 

    I want to make it clear that I cannot guarantee a safe space for you. I recognize that you are the judge of what feels safe and expansive for you. My intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best as you can in our current social climate through ample consent, choice, and clarity in our time together.

    My offers and services are not meant to be a replacement for therapy. I will remain within my scope of practice when engaging with you and my work, and will refer out to qualified individuals for more aligned support when necessary. 

    I acknowledge the privileges I hold as a working class white American citizen with settler ancestry and post-secondary education who can pass as neurotypical, straight, and able-bodied. While my position as a queer, disabled, neurodivergent person with mostly-stable mental health has allowed me to generate more insights and compassion into these lived experiences, I am committed to listening, learning, decolonizing, and growing in regards to other areas.

    With gratitude and respect, I acknowledge that the land on which I live and work is the stolen ancestral territory of the Haudenosaunee and Onondaga peoples. I aim to live in a way that centers reconciliation and meaningful relationship building between the people of this land and how we care for it. I invite you to reflect on your role in reconciliation and the Land Back movement at