Declutter Your Brain Workbook

What Is It?

The Declutter Your Brain workbook will help you make sense of the jumble of thoughts bouncing around your auDHD brain, get them down on paper, and find a clear path forward.

By the time you’re done with this workbook, you will:

  • Have a clear visual of your life overall
  • Gain clarity on the areas you’d like to change or improve
  • Know how to prioritize your goals
  • Be able to create a plan that makes sense and is sustainable for you

The exercises in this workbook have been modified to make sense for autistic and ADHD brains. That means I’ve cut out the fluff, eliminated the subtext, and made them as clear and direct as possible.


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Inside The Declutter Your Brain Workbook, You’ll Find:


– A 27-page PDF walking you through my 6-step process for clearing out your brain, prioritizing what’s important to you, and creating clear, motivating, sustainable goals

– Explanations and concrete examples for each exercise & step so you know the “how” and the “why”

– Ways to adjust the steps so they make sense for you, specifically

– Space for you to write and work

– Clear, to-the-point info with easily readable, spaced out text 

– Compassionate reminders and pep talks to help with moving through the workbook

New & Improved Second Edition


As part of my ongoing commitment to providing the best possible resources for the auDHD community, I’ve created this second edition to be even more helpful, impactful, and neurodivergent-friendly than ever.

With feedback I received from those who downloaded the first version, this workbook is packed with even more guidance and clarifying questions to help you figure out where the fuck to get started on the… well, the everything!

Here’s what folks had to say about the Declutter Your Brain workbook: 

“It was really good for visualizing what I had going on and what I wanted to change.”

“It definitely helps put things into perspective and create a plan. Love how clear it is and that there are examples of how each exercise looks when completed. The pep talks were really nice, too.”

“I look forward to coming back to this workbook again and again to dump my overactive brain. This book was so impressive that I immediately went to recommend it to friends.”

Grab Your Copy Today For $29!

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