Setting Boundaries, Saving Energy

An advertisement with a friendly cartoon of a brain at the top that reads: Combo Meal Confidence Course Series: Setting Boundaries, Saving Energy Live Class Thursday July 20, 2023 12pm-2pm ET Recording Provided Presented by AuDHD Coach Jes, @JesDiverges

If you’re an autistic ADHDer who:

  • Jumps at every opportunity to help those around you but never feels like you get the same support in return
  • Fills every hour of your day with activities but can’t seem to find any time to slow down and relax
  • Finds yourself “pushing through” when you’re having a hard time only to inevitably burnout later on
  • Uses all your free time to “catch up” on work or chores instead of getting the rest that deep down, you know you need but feel too guilty to take
  • Is so exhausted from trying to keep up with a neuroconforming, capitalistic society that you can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel at least a little bit tired
  • Knows you’ve been pushing your limits and wants to start slowing down and accommodating yourself, but you just don’t know how

This course is for you!

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The details:

A pre-recorded 2 hour class for auDHDers who are tired of being tired, and want to start saving energy by putting better boundaries in place so they can manage and overcome burnout.

You’ll also get a copy of the slides, as well as a 24 page digital workbook full of exercises and reflection questions so you can identify and implement boundaries in a way that makes sense for you. 


You’ll learn:
  • Why boundaries are essential for navigating auDHD life (including preventing and managing burnout)
  • How boundaries can help you save a ton of energy so you can spend it on what actually matters to you
  • What effective, supportive boundaries actually look like for late-accepted auDHDers
  • How to use your core values to make decisions around boundaries
  • Concrete strategies for identifying and implementing boundaries in your day-to-day life


So you can:


  • Reduce stress by saying “no” when agreeing would mean sacrificing time and energy that you don’t have
  • Recognize when you’re starting to get overwhelmed or overstimulated and take steps to manage or even prevent a meltdown
  • Identify when your symptoms of anxiety/depression are worsening and effectively communicate those changes to your loved ones and mental health providers in order to get the support you need
  • Better communicate the significance of your experiences and support needs to your loved ones if you feel that they are often minimized or invalidated by them
  • Let go of all the “shoulds” and expectations of others and instead put your own values, wants, and needs at the forefront
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Statement of Scope and Competency


I strive to hold space and offer solutions that are human-centered, trauma-informed, and inclusive of each individual’s lived experience and social identities. I have completed a trauma-informed space holding curriculum, am actively engaged in anti-racism study and work, and in deconstructing capitalistic standards and values. 

I want to make it clear that I cannot guarantee a safe space for you. I recognize that you are the judge of what feels safe and expansive for you. My intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best as you can in our current social climate through ample consent, choice, and clarity in our time together.

My offers and services are not meant to be a replacement for therapy. I will remain within my scope of practice when engaging with you and my work, and will refer out to qualified individuals for more aligned support when necessary.