Come Get Weird in the Woods With Me?

A green cartoon tent with pine trees and a crescent moon in the background. There are two cartoon brain characters next to the tent. One has headphones on and is dancing and listening to music, and the other has a magnefying glass and is looking for something. At the bottom, there is yellow and green text that reads "AuDHD Summer Camp"

Have you ever wished there was a place in the middle of the woods somewhere, where you could go and meet other people who didn’t give a crap about how “weird” you are?

Where your auDHD traits are not only seen and accepted, but celebrated and admired.

A place where you could go and find the safety to be able to finally figure out who exactly it is you are underneath that mask you didn’t realize you were wearing all these years.

Where, instead of being met with blank stares and looks of confusion when you tell someone about your struggles, you’re met with a chorus of “Oh my gosh, me too!” and “Yes, same!”

That’s exactly what you’ll find at AuDHD Summer Camp!

    Ready to join?
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    What Happens at AuDHD Summer Camp?


    This 6-week virtual summer camp will help you:

    • Get to know who you actually are after the identity crisis that is late-realization
    • Learn tools to build safety both with yourself and with others
    • Understand now to manage your energy and capacity as an autistic ADHDer (so you can get things done without the fear of burnout)
    • Be able to form more authentic and less draining relationships with others
    • Experience life outside of the confines that loud perfectionism & inner criticism keep you in


    All while in community with other auDHDers who will make you feel seen, heard, and validated right away.

    Weekly Themes:

    Week 1: Get to know yourself

    Gain a better understanding of your auDHD brain and learn how to *actually* figure out who you are underneath the mask

    Week 2: Create safety

    Learn nervous system stabilization, sensory accommodations, and other important tools so you can get out of freeze/fawn/stuckness

    Week 3: Managing Your Energy & Capacity

    How to get things done in a way that honors your auDHD brain and won’t burn you out every single time

    Week 4: Relationships & Communication

    Identifying and implementing boundaries, codependence vs. interdependence, and how to be *honest* with yourself about your needs so you can communicate them to others

    Week 5: Live Shamelessly

    What shame is, where it actually comes from, and how to quiet your inner critic so you can live life without being hindered by self-doubt and internalized ableism.

    Week 6: Setting New Expectations

    How to plan and organize your life in a way that suits your auDHD brain instead of trying to continue living up to mismatched, neuronormative expectations

    The Details:


    AuDHD Summer Camp runs for 6 weeks, from Monday, June 24 – Monday, August 5 and includes:

    • Our online community where you’re free to post and connect with other auDHDers from all over the world
    • Self-paced lessons from Jes delivered via PDF and audio every week
    • Weekly group coaching calls on Zoom to discuss the material and get coaching in real time
    • Recordings of all calls in case you miss them or want to rewatch
    • Activities & exercises you can do again and again to help you navigate all areas of life as an auDHDer
    • A lifetime of memories from the most fun-filled, revelatory 6 weeks of your life!


    Cost: $750, or $275 for 3 months with the payment plan


    LIMITED TIME ONLY: If you sign up by Friday, May 24, you’ll also get a FREE 1:1 coaching call with me! You’ll have my full attention for 60 minutes as we discuss anything from something you’re struggling with, ways to accommodate yourself, or any other questions you have about being auDHD. (Limit 5 total)

    Statement of Scope and Competency


    I strive to hold space and offer solutions that are human-centered, trauma-informed, and inclusive of each individual’s lived experience and social identities. I have completed a trauma-informed space holding curriculum, am actively engaged in anti-racism study and work, and in deconstructing capitalistic standards and values. 

    I want to make it clear that I cannot guarantee a safe space for you. I recognize that you are the judge of what feels safe and expansive for you. My intention is to allow you to access your internal safety as best as you can in our current social climate through ample consent, choice, and clarity in our time together.

    My offers and services are not meant to be a replacement for therapy. I will remain within my scope of practice when engaging with you and my work, and will refer out to qualified individuals for more aligned support when necessary. 

    I acknowledge the privileges I hold as a working class white American citizen with settler ancestry and post-secondary education who can pass as neurotypical, straight, and able-bodied. While my position as a queer, disabled, neurodivergent person with mostly-stable mental health has allowed me to generate more insights and compassion into these lived experiences, I am committed to listening, learning, decolonizing, and growing in regards to other areas.

    With gratitude and respect, I acknowledge that the land on which I live and work is the stolen ancestral territory of the Haudenosaunee and Onondaga peoples. I aim to live in a way that centers reconciliation and meaningful relationship building between the people of this land and how we care for it. I invite you to reflect on your role in reconciliation and the Land Back movement at