Combo Meal Confidence Course




I am very happy to announce my new course: the Combo Meal Confidence Course!

This is an online course designed to help auDHD adults gain confidence and learn about their brains so they can kick anxiety to the curb and start building a life that works for them in 5 weeks.

I created this course based on the knowledge that I gained with my bachelor’s in psychology, my time as a graduate student of clinical social work, and my 30 years experience as an auDHDer. I spent the last decade on a mission to love and accept myself for who I am after I left an abusive relationship at 20. Last year at 29, I found out I am ADHD autistic and since then I’ve fully embraced my weird side and found the self compassion I was seeking for so long. Now it’s my mission to help other auDHDers do the same.

Enrollment is open now, until spots are filled. I am only enrolling a limited number of students, so if you want to join, be sure to sign up ASAP! 

Combo Meal Confidence

Join now for only $399!

Price will be going up, so don’t wait!

To learn more and find out how to sign up, head to this link!