Cancellation and Refund Policy

Due to the nature of coaching, refunds will only be given if the client has not yet had a paid session, and cancels all appointments at least 5 days before their scheduled time. Working with a life coach is a major commitment on the part of the client and the coach alike, and this policy is meant to respect both parties’ time. You must cancel your appointment using the link in the email you received from Calendly when you booked your appointment(s), and submit a written notice of cancellation to The following template may be used as as guide:

Subject: Cancellation Notice


My name is [your name] and this email is to notify you that I have decided not to move forward with coaching and have cancelled all upcoming appointments. The reason for my cancellation is ______.


Your Name

Phone Number

Need help?

Contact me at for questions related to refunds and cancellations.